Resolutions and Goals

Hellloooooo readers !

First of all thank you so much for all the appreciation for “in someone’s shoes”

Last day of the year and you all have your 2019 resolutions ready and if not then make them.

Many of us made resolutions in past and most of us didn’t achieved them , right?

Let’s talk about the main reason of why we didn’t achieve them. We all set goals in our life and only few of us are able to achieve them. The main reason behind this is our Thinking, the way we think.

Let’s go with an example :- for those who want to loose weight, they think how good they will look when they will get the perfect slim body. This motivates them and they set a target of reducing 5-10 kgs. They make plans on how to reduce to those extra kgs, they even start with it. But then there thinking changes, rather than thinking about the results they think like -oh no man i have to wake up early in the morning i can’t, i want to eat pizza but i can’t, this diet sucks etc and then what happens is they get demotivated and then at last they give up saying things like who cares, people should take me the way i am.

This is not the way you achieve your goals. Each one of us need to get better than we were yesterday.You will always have to think about the results instead of the efforts you are going to put in.

What if the warrior in the battle field feel pity on himself saying my hand is bleeding ,there are so many enemies i can’t defeat them,i need someone with me ……stop. Warriors never think like this, all they think about is conquering the enemy

Whenever you feel like giving up just think about results, think about that slim body, your marksheet with grade A,think about that light in your dad’s eyes when you will make him proud,think about the day when you can look into the mirror and say to the person in there “yeah i am proud of you”.

And you should not ,you definitely should not need any reason or anyone whom you need to prove. Just do it for yourself. Set goals for yourself achieve them and face the person in the mirror. No one here is your competition , we all have different circumstances and fair competition is when the person you are competing with have the same abilities and skill as you have. Your only competition is the person you were yesterday. Work hard, work smart ,dont give up even if you are going slow keep on going , because God never measures our smartness all he measures is the efforts we put in & our true desires.

So keep going, have faith and think about the results. Wish you all grand success in the coming year.

Lots of happiness, light and positivity to you all guys ✨


In someone’s shoes!

Have you ever put yourself in someone else’s shoes ?

Many of you would be having a positive answer. But let’s get deeper into this.

We all have a judge in our mind knowingly or unknowingly. This judge wasn’t born with us, but it somehow grew in each one of us. How did it grew ? It grew as we grew. Initially it had no laws but it created its own law by seeing everything around it, by listening to all the information , without even filtering it. It followed all the judgements that were passed by its family members,friends,teachers etc.

And now all of us have this judge, by which we judge anybody without even thinking a bit. Without even thinking what they had been through.

We so call ourself educated but we still act like an uneducated person who don’t have their own eyes or ears. All of us have different attitude towards different communities, disabled persons,victims of various situation, bisexual people,the blacks,the whites. Why ?

Why do we treat them different, or if we don’t we do have a different attitude towards them. Ain’t all of them human beings ??

Their is this one friend of mine, extremely talented, great guitarist, great speaker. But she met with an accident after which she wasn’t able to walk. She still plays guitar, give speeches. So whats changed now? People’s attitude towards her, most of the reaction are kind of these “poor girl, she is extremely talented but she cannot walk, how sad it is”. Do the people around even think how does she feels when they give their judgements.

Our attitude towards people changes as soon as we realise that they are from lower caste. Why?

Our attitude changes when we come to know that someone has failed in something. Why?

Our attitude changes when someone elder in our family or some reputed person say from politics talks negatively about someone and even though we do like that person but our attitude changes after hearing few things from other person without using our own eyes, brains and ears just blindly believing the information that is passed to us.

If that elder or politics person was best don’t you think he would focus on betterment of family or country rather than degrading other person so as to make himself look like  the right one.

Don’t you think real educated person will be the one who rather than passing judgements take actions towards betterment, believes in humanity rather than religions, believes in equality rather than preferences.

Let’s start putting ourselves in the shoes of that person whose business failed 10 times, now do you see him as a failure or a warrior ?

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of person who have darker skin than us, who is of lower caste, who is poor, who is bisexual, who is disabled.

What you will realise ??

I realised that i should be treated equally as all other human beings are treated.

Respect humanity


Heyyy readers, this post is related to one of the famous book of “Paulo Coelho”.

The book name is Maktub

Maktub is a collection of stories and parables that represent a colorful treasure of wisdom.

This book is a must read.You will find many of your answers there. My favourite lines from the book are:-

  1. Since I’m going to die, what should I be doing now?
  2. The Soul of the World has a great need for your happiness.
  3. Who is the best swordsman?”- “The best is the one who is like the rock,” “Without unsheathing a sword, it demonstrates that no one can conquer it.”
  4. Our only support should be our faith, because that faith is clear, transparent and born within us. It cannot confused.
  5. what a wise man is,” – “It is he who, rather than killing his passions, is able to control them.”
  6. Little by little, things will become strangely clear, until you have sufficient strength to choose.
  7. There are certain things that are already written, but God finds us a way to get past them without any serious problem
  8. When your soul is in agreement with your dreams, it makes God happy.”
  9. When a tree is laden with fruit, its branches bend to touch the ground. The truly wise is he who is humble. When a tree bears no fruit, its branches are arrogant and haughty. The foolish man always believes that he is better than others.”
  10. We always have an orange in each hand, and one in the air. But that one in the air makes all the difference. It was thrown with ability and experience, but it follows its own course. Like the juggler, we throw a dream out into the world, but we don’t always have control over it. At times like that, you have to know how to put yourself in God’s hands -and ask that, in due time, the dream follows its course correctly and falls, completed, back into your hand.
  11. All roads lead to the same place. But choose your own, and follow it to the end. Do not try to walk every road.”
  12. Accept the mystery of faith, and the Universe will reveal itself.”
  13. The WORD has power.”
  14. God is in life and life is in God.
  15. If you shoot one hundred arrows in a row, what will happen to your bow?-“My bow would break,” “If someone exceeds his limits, their will is also broken,” “He who is unable to balance work with relaxation loses his enthusiasm, and cannot go far.”
  16. There is only one important thing in our lives: to live our personal destiny -the mission that was fated for us. But we always wind up loading ourselves down with useless concerns that then destroy our dream.”
  17. Today, in some place, a treasure awaits you
  18. Fear a few things and concentrate all of your fear on them,so you can be courageous in facing the important things.